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United Way tackles the lack of support and childcare that once held Jessica back from earning her college degree
  • June 4, 2021

Mother, graduate and success story, Jessica just graduated from Texas State University with her bachelor’s degree in psychology and a minor in criminal justice. She has four children, ages 10, 5, 4 and 1, who needed childcare while she was working and going to school. By finding United Way’s Childcare Scholarship Program, Jessica was able to support her kids with quality childcare and after-school care.

Early education and social interaction play a pivotal role in our children’s lives. Higher education plays a pivotal role in parents and guardian’s lives. Having children while working and going to school can be a challenge and cost a lot of money.

Affordable childcare can be hard to find and for those with multiple children, may not be affordable at all. Women United helps lift the burden of childcare costs for parents who are in the pursuit of their degree and working by providing Childcare Scholarships.

“The daycare we chose created a bond with my kids and they were able to get the social interaction and early education to set them up for pre-school, Jessica said.. I honestly cannot express the gratitude I want to give you. I only remember the tears rolling down my face after coming home from my graduation, and how good it felt to hold my degree. Also, to have my kids look at me in my cap and gown and tell me they want to go to college.”

Jessica worked hard to earn her degree and has since applied for her master’s in psychological research with the ultimate dream of becoming a clinical psychologist. She says she could not have done it without Women United’s help.

Women United provides thousands of dollars in Childcare Scholarships every year. This year Women United was able to award 14 scholarships to parents in need, ranging from $5,000 to $20,000. (Scholarship amounts are determined by ages and number of children.) Childcare Scholarships support our Ready Children Impact Council by providing quality childcare so that children can grow and develop in a quality childcare setting.

“I am finally breaking the generational curse for my family of not going to college and making excuses. I am a first generation in my family–from both sides of my family. There were days I felt like I couldn’t make it. At the time I worked with abused/neglected kids in CPS custody, and the job itself wasn’t easy. I didn’t have support from my family, but because of the scholarship assistance, I was able to take breaks. I was able to use a day off from school and work and study and recollect my thoughts.”

There are no barriers to what we can do if we believe in ourselves and have people to support us. For Jessica that was United Way, Women United and the Childcare Scholarship Program. Graduates don’t always fit the stereotype of what a college student is supposed to look like. Many people like Jessica go back to fulfill their dreams and get their degree, but they also realize that the education their children are getting during that period is equally important.

“It is hard to believe it was possible for me!”

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