Tocqueville Member Spotlight - United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County
Tocqueville Member Spotlight
FALL 2022

Honoring Lowry Mays

Family Man. Extraordinary Philanthropist. Brilliant Businessman.

This month we lost a legend in our community, Lowry Mays. As we grieve this insurmountable loss, we are reflecting on a life well lived and an irreplaceable advocate and partner. It’s hard to think of philanthropy in San Antonio without thinking of Lowry, Peggy and the Mays family. Their passion for building a stronger community is clear when you drive through the city and see the countless organizations and lives they have impacted.

Prior to his philanthropic leadership, Lowry led more than 10,000 people in Taiwan as an Air Force engineer, overseeing the digging of a pipeline entirely by hand. After serving in the military, Lowry earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and formed his own investment banking firm. Years later, Lowry was approached to purchase an FM radio station that eventually grew into Clear Channel, a multi-billion-dollar company.

Lowry’s influence went beyond business, including his unparalleled family philanthropic efforts. The Mays Family Foundation began in 1994, initially funded by Peggy and Lowry. Their charitable journey started many years before. Their dedication to our community was unmatched and their support of United Way was unwavering. Lowry served as United Way’s 1995 Campaign Chair and raised a record-breaking $26 million. Three years later Lowry continued his leadership for United Way as Board Chair.

“We will miss the leadership and thoughtful partnership that Lowry constantly provided,” said Chris Martin, president and CEO of United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County. “We remain grateful for the enduring legacy that he created to ensure that our community continues to thrive for generations to come.”

As we reflect on the incredible legacy that Lowry and Peggy leave behind through their children, grandchildren and Family Foundation, we are grateful for the guidance and wisdom that they shared with United Way.

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