Welcoming Our 2022 Loaned Executives - United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County

Welcoming Our 2022 Loaned Executives

Loaned Executives Will Lead Workplace Campaigns in the Community
  • August 26, 2022
Welcoming Our 2022 Loaned Executives - United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County
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Our 2022 community campaign is officially underway!

In July, we welcomed dozens of local professionals to our team as Loaned Executives for the 2022 community campaign. These individuals come from some of San Antonio’s leading corporations, like Zachry Group, CPS Energy, NuStar and more.

United Way Loaned Executives are crucial to our ability to address Bexar County’s most pressing needs.

“My goal is to educate myself on United Way so that I can inspire even more giving in the community,” said Lia, who works with Zachry Group. Serving as a Loaned Executive for the first time, Lia says the experience has already been an eye-opener so far.

Companies that loan staff for our campaign find it a win-win situation for everyone: We can increase our capacity to impact the community; the Loaned Executives develop professionally; their employers benefit from their team members becoming even better leaders than before.

For Anne, a sponsored Loaned Executive for her fifth straight year, the experience is extremely rewarding for her personally.

“It feels great,” Anne says. “When you see what you give and what people can get from it, it just makes you want to help more.”

By participating in this program, loaned executives and their employers are making a difference in the community. They are giving children stable environments that foster learning, help families maintain self-sufficiency and provide those in crisis with a safety net of services that meet their immediate needs.

Being a Loaned Executive can be a tremendous learning experience for participants. They feel rewarded by creating meaningful change in the community while also developing their professional skills.

“Be open to it. There is an opportunity in everything,” Lia adds. “This is an opportunity to connect to your community, to connect to others and really just to grow outside of your comfort zone.”

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