Together, Our Impact is Strongest

Uniting the community to identify and solve our most critical issues depends on your generous support.

Living United to Improve Financial Stability in Bexar County

We're working to help improve job opportunities.
June 14, 2021

Every day, people in Bexar County struggle with economic issues that may seem impossible to solve.

Families who can’t afford to put food on their tables. Homeless veterans who can’t access help to get off the street. Unemployed youth who lack skills training needed for a good job that offers a living wage. These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and communities.

And it’s just gotten worse during the pandemic. More than 225 million jobs have been lost globally, with U.S. job losses especially impacting women, people of color, and low-wage workers.

That’s why United Way is working to improve financial stability for everyone. We’re offering financial coaching for families. We’re connecting veterans and others to housing, mental health services and other community support systems. And we’re working with people and educators to offer job training.

Our Strong Individuals and Families Impact Council partner organizations have continued to provide critical services in workforce development and educational opportunities areas that have addressed the needs of the most vulnerable populations in San Antonio.

AVANCE San Antonio, working through a dual generation approach, supports both parents and children as families navigate the pandemic by helping parents seeking higher wage opportunities through educational efforts. AVANCE also helps parents assist their children with schooling, technology challenges, and emotional aids. To date, 2,511 participants have completed AVANCE’s program with an income above 200% of the federal poverty level.

Our community is getting stronger, but there’s more to do. Around the world and in our own backyard, we’re focused on building jobs and an economy that will fuel a better tomorrow. Find out how to get involved.

Fostering Self-Sufficiency for Individuals and Families

Our Strong Individuals and Families Impact Council strives to ensure all individuals and families are stable, flourish economically and reach their full protentional.
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Together, Our Impact is Strongest

Uniting the community to identify and solve our most critical issues depends on your generous support.

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