Together, Our Impact is Strongest

Uniting the community to identify and solve our most critical issues depends on your generous support.

Living United to Improve Education in Bexar County

Preparing Students to Graduate Ready for College, Career, and Life
July 6, 2021

Every day, people in Bexar County struggle with education problems that may seem impossible to solve.

Children starting school without the skills necessary to succeed. Kids who can barely read by third grade, and who are far more likely to quit school later. Youth who don’t go on to college or vocational training. These are tough problems that threaten the future of individuals and communities.

And it’s just gotten worse during the pandemic, with parents and educators worried about kids who’ve lost ground with virtual learning – especially children of color from low-wage families who may not have access to computers or the Internet. A recent study by United Way's partner, McKinsey & Co., estimates that the shift to remote school in the U.S. has set students of color back by three to five months, compared to a lag of one to three months for white students. The academic losses are accumulating this school year, experts say.

That’s why United Way is working to improve education for everyone. We’re engaging people as reading volunteers. We’re mobilizing nonprofit and community partners to reach out to teenagers on the verge of dropping out. We’re providing teaching support and resources to under-resourced schools.

United Way impacts thousands of lives, including:

  • children enrolled in high-quality early education programs
  • families who were given educational resources and training
  • youth who received academic enrichment with after-school programs

United Way does more than raise money. We are the problem solvers, the hand raisers. We are the game changers. We surround a community’s most critical problems—and we collaborate for solutions. We’re offering hope and help where it’s needed the most.

We are building stronger communities, but there’s still so much more to do. Around the world and in our own backyard, we’re focused on building better prepared children and students to support a better tomorrow. Get involved.

Helping Students Succeed

Our Successful Students Impact Council strives to ensure all young people have resource-rich environments and are supported to reach their full potential.
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Together, Our Impact is Strongest

Uniting the community to identify and solve our most critical issues depends on your generous support.

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